MarkaRace Whiteboard Specs
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Now there’s a new alternative to conventional painted, laminated and porcelain coated marker boards. Using the patented UNIFACE® electron beam curing technology, we present MarkaRace, a marker board panel that outperforms all others in ease of erasing, even after the marker has been left to dry for weeks or even months. MarkaRace offers all the design flexibility inherent in all our durable, high gloss coated panels. You can choose from a variety of thicknesses in both hardboard, FRP,  and medium density fiberboard. Even large surface areas become easy to manage since there is no need to glue on additional backing for support. Ease of cutting and trimming makes location installation a snap.

There is a virtually unlimited range of applications for MarkaRace. From traditional easel mounted presentation marker boards to in-wall installations. Because it is pre-laminated, MarkaRace also works great in furniture applications. Two-sided marker boards are also available.

   Specially formulated top coat for dry erase marking
   Patented electron beam curing 
   Polyester acrylic coating that provides a tough, durable surface
   Stain resistance that surpasses conventional boards 
   Foil color application

    Superior ease of erasing for a clean and “like new” appearance
    Prevents marker penetration from long term appli­cation that causes ghosting in other boards
    Scratch and gouge resistant
    Simple, easy cleaning
- household cleaners will remove common stains
    Consistent bright color

           Process and product are environmentally friendly

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· menu boards 
· office furniture 
· hospital use 
· in wall installations 
· institutional use 
· juvenile furniture 
· point of purchase 
· for glazing applications 
· for laminating applications  as a finished surface 
· direct replacement for chalkboards 

Physical Properties

Property Test MarkaRace Test Value
Erasability 2,500 cycles (internal comparison Test) No Effect
Ghosting Dry marker application (internal Comparison test) Up to 60 days with no effect
Stain Resistance Mustard, Red Dye, Shoe Polish, Lipstick, Brandy( see below) No Effect
Cleanability 100 rubs with Methyl
Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
(Internal Comparison test) to show good stain resistence
No Effect
Scratch Resistance Hoffman (Nema) 1,200 Grams
MarkaRace High Gloss Specifications -   9/24/03

Gloss Level

  • 90 +-5 read with standard Gloss meter

Hoffman Scratch Hardness Test

  • Procedure: Naval Laboratory specification WS 12959 part 4.5.5
  • Result: Weight upon first film failure 1,200 grams

Belmar Scrape Adhesion & Mar Test - Production specs but not certified

  • Procedure: ASTM D2197-662197
  • Result: 10+ Kg

Stain Resistance:

  • Procedure: NEMA 3.9.4 - The stain testing materials were placed upon the test substrate and covered. The test substrate was left undisturbed for 18 hours. They were then cleaned off.
  • Result: All stain removed with no impairment to the surface appearance

Stain materials tested:    All had NE rating all stain removed with no impairment to the surface appearance.

  • 50:50 solution of ethyl alcohol and water
  • 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol
  • Cleaning solution of 50:50 volume mix of VM&P naphtha and ethyl alcohol
  • Non-oily polish remover
  • Acetone
  • Household soap solution (5% bar soap and 5% detergent)
  • Household ammonia (non-sudsing)
  • Tomato catsup * Vegetable cooking oil
  • Trisodium Phosphate solution
  • Freshly prepared coffee
  • Freshly prepared tea
  • Whole milk
  • Citric acid solution (10%)
  • Plain prepared mustard
  • Distilled vinegar
  • Lipstick - red
  • Ink - washable blue
  • Grape, Beet, Lemon, Orange juices
  • Merthiolate
  • Wax crayon
  • Shoe polish - black paste
  • Ink, ballpoint - blue
  • Ink, felt pen - non-permanent black

Note: Results of stain resistance is: NE - all stain removed with no impairment to the surface appearance ME - difficult to see the stain from all angles and directions SE - Easy to see

Extra Specs for our MarkaRace product

Thickness of MarkaRace coating on finished cleaned material is  .005" +-.001"
thickness of our Raw 1/4" HB is .220  +-.015" without MarkaRace coating
Thickness of our MarkaRace 1/4" HB with coating is still .220 +-.015" since we prep HB before Coating

Thickness of our bare steel used for our MarkaRace steel is .026" +-.004"
with MarkaRace coating of .005 +-.001 added to it
With Glue line at .003" if bonded to backing
Total thickness of our Coated finished MarkaRace Steel on 1/4" HB is .250" +-.015"

dimensions of square cut blanks and routed HB  +-.032" 

1/8" HB  weights .7 lbs / ft 2
1/4" HB  weights
.026" steel skin weights