- A Family of High Performance Dry-Erase Surfaces on a variety of substrates.
 Plain White and Graphic Capable Styles  - Indoff CT the Dry Erase Experts

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MarkaRace for Resurfacing

Resurfacing Whiteboards w/ MarkaRace
also see main resurface page for other options

Live experts, that know their Whiteboards.     

Resurfacing using MarkaRace
MarkaRace Phenolic
MarkaRace HB
MarkaRace Steel
  · electron beam cured top coat        
  · superior stain resistance   
  ·  non-toxic
  ·  polyester acrylic coating provides a consistently tough, durable surface 
     · use in place of porcelain marker boards  
     · greater scratch and nick resistance 
     · household cleaners will remove common stains 
      · environmentally safe process    
      · prevents marker penetration from long term use, known as “ghosting”, that is common in competitor’s products.

MarkaRace Products for Resurfacing

  HB  1/8" - .125" Phenolic .060" Steel  .025"
Markasteel MG
Cost Relative to HB lowest base price 40% more 41% more
Thickness issue doing framed boards Edges will Show will blend in well best
Field application easy installation easiest installation needs to be cut at factory or a 8' shear is needed
Magnetic Properties No Sort of - if installed over steel boards larger magnets will work Yes very
Sq ft cost uncut 100 sheets $2.73 $4.32 $3.53
for a reference Ceramic steel sheets are about $6.48 per square ft

Other Resurfacing Options Below
Projection capable surfaces, 50 year Warrantees, UPS shippable

MarkaWall - Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl Wallpaper
Projection Capabilities unique product
Simple Installation
Great for small jobs - product ships UPS
Single Piece can be 5' by 100' great for continuous runs


Ceramic Steel Dry-Erase

Want a 50 Year Warranty on the longest wearing surface available then its P3 or LCS
Boards can be ordered in lengths to 16 ft - one continuous long surface - no seam

New Framed Board from Stock Start Over