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[Product Image]  MarkaFlexLam less than .030" thick
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Available now for quick ship ... 
This Surface is not the same as our MarkaRace but it is a very good dry erase surface that has lots of uses especially for small quantities.  
also available in a thinner .021" as MarkaFlexLowLam

Key Benefits

  • Flexible a full 4' by 8' sheet can be shipped in UPS tube
  • A Very Good Dry erase surface
  • Rigid Laminate backer good at covering small imperfections that MarkaWall can'd
  • can be cut in field with wood tools but will need routing to finish edges if exposed
  • fairly glossy - not suitable for projection
  • Non-magnetic
  • UPS charges from zip 47129

Retail Pricing -



size Quantity Sq-Ft Price
full 4 x 8 sheet MFL32 4x8 1 32 $107
      ups tube $16
      typical UPS Ground charge (oversize) $10-30
    plus sales tax  
    two pieces are maximum that can be shipped in one tube - price the same for ground

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